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What is Showcase?  

It's where I have and will continue to post a select few projects I have completed over the past few years. Its here to display some of what I do, as well as giving you some context and background of my latest work. I hope you enjoy! 

Showcase 1

Meditation candle set

Meditation candle set. This is for a final year University project based around meditation and relaxation. This set is aimed at helping to relax and remind the user of the benefits of the ocean and the natural environment. 

Showcase 2

Shedonism Book

I was asked to illustrate a gift style book called Shedonism for Penguin Randomhouse. This book is full of inspiration for anyone who has dreamed of having an observatory, a sauna, a pub – or just a bit of peace and quiet at the bottom of the garden.

Showcase 3

Boards 360 logo

I was asked to create a logo for a start-up surf and outdoors brand called Boards 360. Its aim is to help novices, pros and everyone in between get the equipment, help and support they need. 

Showcase 4

Witt Lowry Single Covers

Witt asked me to illustrate and design his single covers over the course of a year. I was given the opportunity to listen to the songs and work with Witt personally to create designs that perfectly illustrated his ideas and meanings within each song.

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