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Hello! I'm Will, a tattoo artist and designer based in Shorditch, London. Alongside tattooing I also have a degree in Graphic Design from UWE Bristol.


Before London, I was fortunate to grow up on the picturesque South Coast of England, surrounded by vast expanses of beach and forestry. Growing up surrounded by nature, I developed a deep appreciation for the outdoors, where I find not only inspiration but also comfort. Whether it's through surfing or capturing the world through photography, the influence of nature often subtly weaves its way into my designs.

My goal is to turn your ideas into a unique piece of art that mirrors your individual story and passions. Whether it's a design inspired by the beauty of nature or a tribute to your favorite film or book, I'm excited to collaborate with you and create a piece that's perfectly tailored to your vision.

On this website I am currently taking bookings, creating commissions, selling stickers, tattoo tokens and Rise Up tees! (I am in the process of expanding my range).

If you have any questions or queries please message me using the contact feature.

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