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To get your custom flower bouquet please fill in the form at the bottom of the page. Within the next 7 days of the form being filled out and purchased I will email you the custom flower bouquet! I apologise for the wait but there is quite a lot of you and I'm a one man team) you will receive 4 files including a .jpeg and .png for you to use how you wish - they could be made into a print as a gift for a loved one or you could take the design to a local tattoo artist and use it as a tattoo! Also, please check your spam folder in your emails! I know a few have ended up in there

You can see the illustrations of the flowers along with an example of what you can expect from your custom order below.

The months and their flowers - January - Snowdrop, February - Iris, March - Daffodil, April - Daisy, May - Lily Of The Valley, June - Rose, July - Larkspur, August - Gladiolus, September - Morning Glory, October - Cosmos, November - Chrysanthemum, December - Holly. 

This is a digital download, not physical copy! Please do not sell these custom designs! I am making them for you to use personally.

Thanks! Order sent.

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