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These are custom designs where I will take the name you have given, translate it to Elvish from LOTR (Lord Of The Rings) and create a custom illustration! Perfect if you have a special person (Son, Daughter, Wife, Husband, Friend etc...) or someone you know loves LOTR. The custom could be made into a print as a gift for a loved one or you could take the design to me or a local tattoo artist and use it as a tattoo! 

To get your custom please fill in the form at the bottom of the page. Please only enter one name to be translated, multiple names may not fit. Within the next 5 days of the form being filled out and purchased I will email you the custom! You will receive a .jpeg for you to use how you wish! 

You can see examples of what you can expect your order below.

The custom options are as followed: Option 1 - Shards of Narsil with ring of elvish text around hilt, Option 2 - Arrow Compass and Option 3 - Shards of Narsil no ring of text

This is a digital download, not physical copy! Please do not sell these custom designs! I am making them for you to use personally.

Thanks! Order sent.

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